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Friday, August 12, 2011

Church update

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Be ware of the wolves
Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them” Eph. 5:11
Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, I would like to update you on the present situation in our church Calvary Chapel Sokol, which was meeting at metro “Prospect Mira” till December 2010 and now is spread around Moscow due to the circumstances I want to describe below. We still need your prayers since, because we were separated and some church members maybe harassed.
Some information that maybe you have gotten from our church before maybe just a scam.
CC Sokol
This blog belongs to our church CCSokol, but for a while Melvin Dean Malispina, whom we considered our pastor, friend, supporter and a missionary of Calvary Chapel Church Planting Mission and later Spiritual Freedom Ministry, was updating it, so you might want to read some of the posts below.
Nataliya Frolova
I have been serving in Moscow, since 1999, after i've graduated from the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta Hot Springs. Some people know me quite well, but for those of you who never met me personally, you can find my pictures below, since I was the only Natasha in our church. My full name is Nataliya Michailovna Frolova (Наталия Михайловна Фролова)(b.76) and I know the Lord since 1992.
I've been attending CCSokol since 2001, when Vadim Chipinov (CC Volgograd) was pastoring and am serving full time since 2003, since Melvin Dean Malispina became a pastor.
The previous post describes what took place in our church, so if you have not heard of it please, read that message first, to understand that our church, and I believe I can put name of Calvary Chapel here, which is in many places around the world and also missionaries and fellowships with different names have suffered persecution. Also, to avoid any confusion our church has one e-mail address ccsokol@mail.ru and my personal e-mails are natasha4jesus@gmail.com (mail.ru, rambler.ru, voila.fr), also I have twitter (not tweeter), Facebook (which is now closed) and Vkontakte, so if you've received any messages from these accounts with some information it might be untrue since my e-mails and profiles were broken in to and some messages could have gone out without my knowledge.
CCCPM – not CCCP:-)
The first church I've attended was Calvary Chapel Pushkinskaya (we were meeting at Dom Medika), when Allan Esses was pastoring it. When he, his wife Natasha and daughter Rebecca moved back to the US in 1999, Kevin McKen became a pastor and together with his wife Natasha they are still serving at Calvary Chapel Kurskaya-Курская (former Pushkinskaya-Пушкинская) the Russian name of the church was «Голгофский приход» and both my mom and my sister Tania were attending it. After I've returned from the Bible College I became a part of CCCPM (Calvary Chapel Church Planting Mission-Миссия по Организации Церквей «Часовня на Голгофе») led by George Bryson, who was bringing teams to Russia since 1991, I believe. His wife Debby organized many women's conferences and follow up outreaches in different cities of Russia. The Calvary Chapel Dormitory (aka Dorm) was situated at one of the buildings of MADI (Московский Авто-дорожный институт) first at Sokol (Сокол) and then at Planernaya (Планерная) metro. The Dorm was attending to the needs of long and short term missionaries and was headed by different people thought the years – Celeste Romero from New Mexico, US (now serving at CC Prishtina, Kosovo with her husband Mark Yocom.) Also Celeste served with CC Omsk and traveled to several cities around Russia. Chris Wheatly from California, who was organizing several outreaches and became a pastor of CC Tushino (Тушино) and served there together with his wife Sasha. Had to move back to the US due to visa problems, now they have two daughters and live in California. Among the missionaries who served at the Dorm were Guy Tukonaga from Howaii, Jay Dove from California, Christina Dixon from Upstate New York, she was a long term missionary in Nizhny Novgorod, and then helped with Calvary Chapel Bible College in Moscow headed by Ilya Gromov, originally from St. Petersburg, Russia (now serving at CC Novorossiysk with his wife Ira and his brother Alexey's family), Paul and Toni Petrignani (now serving at CC Nice, France with his family), Christabel (Bell) Chua, Scott and Jamie Williams.
Steve and Debora Olshevsky with their daughters Alyssa and Katy, who were serving at CC Tushino when it was just planted and the meeting places were at Turistskaya street (Planernaya metro) and at Mendeleyevskiy University diner, where also Bible College Graduations were held and the outreach teams were having organized meals with people they've met at the concerts and street outreaches. Also, it was a place where CC Tushino and the Bible College were organizing cafe with free music and treats. As far as I know Calvary Chapel Tushino had to be closed shortly after Chris and Sasha Wheatly moved away, the last meeting place was at metro Skhodnenskaya where a small Rehabilitation Center for Blind (помещение реабилитационного центра Всероссийского Общества Слепых) was located. The same kind of rehabilitation center was at metro Prospect Mira where our church CC Sokol was meeting since 2007, before that CC Sokol was located at Architectural College (Архитектурный Коллеж на улице Усиевича) at metro Sokol, then, after we were asked to leave in 2006, for about 4 months we rented a place Sokol Hotel apposite Triumph palace (Гостиница «Сокол» в Чапаевчком переулке). Among other missionaries I can name Page and Promise Bakurich, who were serving at Krasnogorsk and then moved to Dedovsk, the last I heard, they had to move back to the US, but I'm not 100% sure. Scott and Lena Bensen - both of them were a part of church in Smolensk, where Mike and MaryLou Bryan were serving for many years. Both families had to move back to the US because of visa and registration problems. It was especially surprising for Scott and Lena, since Lena is a Moscovite, both of them have a heart for people in Russia and a desire to continue serving the church. The same I can say about Bryan family. Also Chris and Katherine Knox, who served in Perm, Joel and Heather Curtly served in St. Pete Central for many years, Lori Amato, who served at CC Kashirskaya together with Tim and Darlene Mattox, who are now missionaries at Cyprus. There were and are many others who have love for the people and want to continue serving the Lord in different parts of Russia.
It is quite possible that some of these and short term missionaries along with Russian churches could experience some problems and even persecution due to the network system problems and loss of some documents, including database, which was used to organize conferences in Moscow.
I also have noticed that CCCPM site was hacked at least once.
Keeping the Unity.
I know that there were some unity problems between George Bryson other missionaries and pastors, but while at home all this time I've realized that some “little foxes”could cause serious problems, especially when people do not communicate face to face, but have a “mediator “between man and man, who says “I'll take care of this problem for you”, “I'll be the peacemaker” or “I know what is going on with such and such a person and I know what he or she said”. Some small talk of someone who has his own agenda can destroy relationship for many years between people, who love and respect one another. Some assumptions can produce real devision. Personally, I still wonder what had happened between George Bryson and Ken Ortize, who served for years together, since Dean mentioned his sister's Lynn name to me and that she actually talked to Ken personally and if actually anything happened or the Lord just decided to do it this way, so the work may continue in a different area. But I think many of us still miss great conferences we had at Molodiozhnaya hotel, I really miss worship, teaching, time of fellowship. It was always a huge encouragement not only for those, who served, but for those who considered serving or just needed refreshment.
This year I could not even attend women's and St. Pete conferences, because I could not get the right information and the e-mail that I've received were confusing. I also chose to stay at home and not to go to the missions conference in Austria, because I still feel very uncomfortable thinking that I might meet Dean and his “team” there or might be misunderstood by people who maybe received some untrue reports about me or received fake e-mails from my accounts. This can happen to anyone, so this is the reason I'm writing about it. I know that the Lord will take care of any problem sooner or later, but communication is vital especially in serious situations.
Dale Freeman Tweedy
The same can be true about our missionary Dale Freeman Tweedy, who was serving in Russia since 1994, I believe, has daughter Dasha and wife Lena, with which they were separated for many years due to divorce, but continues to keep in contact with her and good father for Dasha. We are still praying for the restoration of the family.
Dale's gmail account daletweedy@gmail.com was either hacked or has a tween, so some unwanted messages could proceed from it.
He begun his work in Russia with Calvary Chapel Church Planting Mission (headed by George Bryson) and then continued his ministry with Spiritual Freedom headed by Phill Wagner and then by Alexey Tichkonov. The situation with Spiritual Freedom in Moscow is rather unclear right now. It was renamed to “Set Free Ministries”, but in Russian, I think it is still the same “Духовная Свободa”. Dale was attending CCSokol almost since the very beginning and thought men's bible studies and for the last several years he was teaching monday night Bible Study. He disappeared from my life in December 2010 and the last text message I've received from him was in January 2011. I still do not know what had happened to Dale, but his place took his tween brother we were not aware of. It may sound even humorous, but this man has the same name, I came to this realization only today, because below you can find a post by Dean called Chaplin Dale Tweedy. I usually edit our blog, so when I read it I though it was a mistake and it was supposed to be Chaplain, because this is who Dale Freeman Tweedy is, but I believe that his ministry in Russia and maybe even in the US was undermined by his tween brother Chaplin Dale and also is true about Dale marriage and relationship with his wife Lena.
We were not even aware of it, but the Lord has faithfully revealed some of these things to me in these last days. However, I am not sure if people in our church know the truth because as it says in 2 Peter 3:3 :”Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with {their} mocking, following after their own lusts,” Many people were lied to and friends and families were separated, because each person knows his own “truth” about people and circumstances. Some people, who came to the church more or less recently were not aware of our church history and small talk behind our backs could produce separation and undermine good testimony.
Our church had several people serving including CC Bible College graduates from Moscow since Melvin Dean Malispina became a pastor. Lynn Malispina was a part of hospitality ministry and was considered Dean's sister by me and many other members of the church. She left Moscow in 2003 to be married to Brad Prittchard, Dean was performing the wedding in California and two girls from our church Masha Pasenchuk (who is presently in New York) and Marina Marinushkina (who might be in San Francisco at present) were leading worship. When they came to Moscow we watched a video of the wedding together and I remember that they commented that the guys beard was fake. Again, it may sound very funny, but both Masha and Marina were a part of CC Sokol for many years while Chris and Morgan Hess were leading the church. Marina attended CC Bible College and Austria, worked with George Bryson, translated William McDonald's commentary, and had been interpreting for Dean for several years and leading worship. Masha was leading worship as well as oversaw some other ministries in our church. Then she went to the US to work.
Marina continued to serve at the church leading worship and translating until we moved to a new place at Prospect Mira, then she stepped out from the ministry, but was a faithfully coming. So last I heard from Marina was in December, but then I was told that she moved to San Fransisco. Both girls are still single.
Mary Lynn Malispina Prittchard kept in contact with me, but never visited Moscow again. Even though I had all the confirmations that she got married, still some doubts came when I actually remembered the difference between the man on a video and a man on the picture. Also, I remembered that when Lynn was introducing herself, she said that many people thought that Dean and her are husband and wife therefore put them in the same room, but they are just single brother and sister.
Andrey and Rita Antonov came to our church after being in Tambov serving with Ray and Rebecca Curran. They were leading youth ministry and also provision for hospitality. Andrey also was taking care of our church site, which at some point was broken into and stolen from us. Rita played jumbey.
They've continued in ministry for some time then found regular jobs and went to another church. As far as I know they moved to the US.
Luba and Sasha Kustov were coming to our church for some time. Luba was helping me to teach women's bible study after Masha and then another Luba left. Sasha was leading worship, but at some point they both left and after they little daughter Nastia was born they turned to Ortodoxy.
Vova (Vladimir) Oblov – Moscow bible college graduate was a part of the worship team and lived in the same flat with Dean and other guys. Unfortunately, he had to step out from the ministry and never was disciplined properly, living one foot in the world.
After Vova stopped leading worship in 2007, I stepped in and was leading up to December 2010.
Tanya (Tatyana) Terechkova-Bowling – was teaching children along with other Bible College Graduts.
Julia Geshtovt – headed hospitality ministry up until we had to move to Prospect Mira. Julia was faithfully attending the church since 2002 (or 3)after she came from St. Pete with her 3 children.
She moved to St. Pete from Alma-Ata with her 3 children (Veronika, Dima and Sveta) as their family was harassed. Her family was going to reunite, but before they were about to move back to Alma-Ata her husband passed away after having a heart attack and she stayed. She later remarried to Steve Bruton and moved to China for about a year. Unfortunately, her family was again separated, Julia and her younger children moved back to Moscow and her older daughter continued to study in China. I did not hear from Julia since April 2011. When I warned her about Dean in December, she did not receive it and I think it happened, because we did not know about Dale yet.
Geno (Evgeniy Borisovich Grigorovich) – was saved while Dale witnessed to him in prison and after the release was translating and helping Dale up until he was convicted with a same sentence and sent back to prison. It happened shortly after he helped Dean to get his new beeline mobile plan.
We had several missionaries visiting our church through the years, but in more recent years Marcelo Santos (Athletes in Action) with his family were attending our church. They had to move away due to some harassment, but still would like to come back and serve in Moscow.
Tyler and Melissa Goodell were a blessing to our fellowship. They both have heart for Russia. Before they were married Tyler was a part of our church in spite of “3 months in 3 months out” visa regulation. Melissa was a part of short term missionary teams both to Russia and Ukraine.
Steve and Sharon Paul with their 3 children were a part of our fellowship up until they moved on to belong term missionaries in Blagovechensk where they were serving for some time, but had to move back to the US.
And we've never met Dave and Darlys Bird or Matt and Lisha Phillips family in Moscow.
Dean's house
After Lynn Malispina-Prittchard went back to the US, Dean's flat continued to be a place where we would have home fellowships, women, men and prayer meetings. It also was a place where some guys from our church were staying including Vova(Вова) and his brother Sasha (Саша) Oblov, who came from Tambov, Liosha Shakin (Лёша Шакин), who was from a dysfunctional family of alcoholics and had some mental disability, both of his parents passed away and his brother sold their flat, not giving any share to Liosha, some militia man was involved in this situation, we tried to help, but Liosha went back to the streets at some point. It seemed like Dean really had a heart for him and wanted to help and sent him to a rehabilitation center, but Liosha disappeared. Roman Dovol'nov (Роман Довольнов) stayed with Dean for some years after he met him at a homeless outreach with Dale, I believe. Roma was helping out at the church and remained faithful up until we had to close the doors of our meeting place at Prospect Mira. Geno, whom I already mentioned above, also stayed at Dean's place along with Dennis, whom we met at a homeless outreach, unfortunately, he later turned back to drinking. Yuri Timonnikov (Юрий Тимонников), who claimed to be a lawyer, but seemed like a person who does not have an occupation. He tried to help out at the church and he was the person, whom I asked to take care of the offerings during my 3 month absence. Dean told us that Yuri passed away in a hospice. Dima Schneider (Дима Шнайдер, previously had a different last name as he was attending the Bible College in Moscow), had lived with Dean for many years, but several times was accused of theft by different people, though it was not proven. He has some mental disability and is an orphan, we tried to help him as well as Liosha to finish their school education at special education center, based at the St. Andrew's Anglican church in Moscow, so that they would be able to find jobs, but it never worked out. Dima was in and out of the church, visiting other churches in Moscow as well. Last time I saw him at a church that was meeting across the hallway from us. In the last 2-3 years Dean had a flat mate Volodia (Володя), whom he knew for years, but who never showed much interest in the Bible or Spiritual things, but kept coming to the church. Rifat Vakhitov(Рифат Вахитов), was coming to our church for many years and was attending Christian university in 2009-10, then he won a grant and was supposed to go to the US to study. Dean told me that he got his visa and went.
It always looked like Dean really cares for all these guys and has a lot of patience with them, but at the same time he never really discipled them and never disciplined them properly. Many times he would begin meeting with them for a Bible Study, but then stop it in 2-3 weeks.
We tried our best to keep good relationship with the neighbors and make sure they are not troubled by the noise, while Dean lived at Sokol on Usievicha street, but many times guys would misbehave and it would threaten our church fellowship meetings. I even had to deal with militia on that, but still they asked us to discontinue the meetings.
All these men were a part of our church and with the most of them we had a good time of fellowship, prayed together, but only Roma and Volodia are the ones, who remained in the church.
Church support
Since 2003, after Lynn left I was taking care of church offerings, which were coming directly from the people from the church. Dean helped with the rent of our meeting place when we were still at Sokol, but then stopped and asked to do it from the offerings. The Lord faithfully provided for us and we were able to continue supporting different ministries and also help a little to “Spiritual Freedom” and CC Kaluga.
When we moved to Prospect Mira we had enough for Sundays and Wednesdays, but then stopped renting on Wednesdays due to small attendance. Our Monday and Wednesday bible studies continued at the “Spiritual Freedom” office at Saviolovskaya metro.
I also received my support (about $400) directly from Dean.
The administration of the place where we were renting had asked me to sign agreements and make payments trough a bank, so we would have a good stand before the authorities.
Being officially on staff with Association of Evangelical Christian Churches “Calvary Chapel” I worked closely with Nadezhda (Nadia) Martunenko (as far as I know she was going to get married and to change her last name to Morhouse) Nadia helped me to organize the payments through the bank and she was the one who had the seal of the Association. I fully trusted her and after I realized that Dean is truing to manipulate funds and switch to cash, I asked for a meeting with Drew Morhouse and Dale, to remove Dean from pastorate. This meeting never took place, because Dale received a phone call from Kostia Kretov, who told him that they will take care of everything. This happened on the 28th of December 2010 and I never heard from Kostia. Only later I realized that Kostia could not take care of anything since I never talked to him personally and never really explained anything to Dale.
I thought that maybe Dale and Kostia were aware of some other problems with Dean and he will be asked to leave, so I gave it into the Lord's hands.
On December 30th, 2010 Nadia sealed the agreement that I signed for the new year, but then she took the agreement from me. I thought that Dean will be removed and this question will be resolved by our next church meeting, but it never happened.
I tried to write as many people as I could, but received no answers. Nadia was the one I tried to keep in touch with but her answers were very unclear. I tried to meet with her too, but it did not happen.
I stayed at home most of the time and had to disconnect from the Internet, realizing that my wifi was hacked as well as both of my beeline numbers.
Resurrection day
After a long waiting and hoping to receive some kind of an answer from people, on April 20, 2010 I got a phone call from Dale and we met so that he would give me some bills and money for the apartment. I hoped for a good news, but it seemed like he never read anything I wrote to him. Also, he informed me that he is going to teach wednesday bible study at Prospect Mira instead of Dean, because he was gone for a week. I was rather shocked by that news and asked where did they get the money and who is taking care of the offerings (since, I previously asked him to hold on to them), he said that he does not really know. I said that it is maybe a good idea to meet with Dean, because he need to leave the church, because more and more things were rising up. He promised to set up a meeting.
Then I went to “Integra” office to pay our bill for the warehouse were most of our church equipment supposed to be stored, but the office worker Irina told me that Dean had asked to give all the staff away and Marat Saphin(who was known to me as the person who pastors CC Kashirskaya and works at the warehouse) was willing to do that.
Later I realized that when we were moving from our place at Sokol, Dale and I were clearing the storage space, but Dean was the one who moved everything to Integra. So, it looks like we lost all our equipment and payed for something that even did not belong to our church.
In the evening I went to translate for Dale and also found out that somebody already payed for the rent.
The next day I talked to the accountants and cashier they told me that some men came and payed for the rent in cash. I asked them how is it possible since my name is on the receipt, they told me that the Administrator ordered them. So, after that I asked them to discontinue our rent until farther notice.
It is quite possible that our legal church registration and my name was used for other purposes as well as for tax fake reports inspection. Also, it might very well be that some other churches, who do not have a registration, could use our name, bylaw and registration, but teach different doctrine, because Moscow is filled with prosperity teaching.
Finally, on Sunday the 24th, the Resurrection day, I came to our meeting place where Olya Alexsandrova and another woman whom I never met before, but probably had some alcohol problems, because I sensed very strong odor, were ready to lead worship. I told them that it cannot be possible, because at our church everything should be done decently and order.
I had to confiscate the list of people and ask the guards not to let Dean Malispina in. Elena, Olga's friend was rather upset and called Dean right away. His response was angry. So, after this I went to
CC 1905 to talk to Kostia Kretov and ask him for help again and to meet with George and Dale together, but he was unwilling and said that he is going to be in St. Pete for the conference while George Bryson will be in Moscow.
Letter Writing
Thinking upon the situation I though it would be wise to write George Bryson again describing the whole situation in more detail, exposing those people who were involved and tried to procrastinate, undermine and lie, now for many years.
Also, I wrote tax inspection, my Internet and mobile providers. No answers came again. Then I realized that our real Dale had disappeared and since January 2011, I was writing and converting with his tween. Real Dale had an eye surgery before and never mentioned that he had a tween brother, but his tween has contacts and mentioned his tween brother, who has a rheumatoid arthritis. So, I asked some people for prayer, but again no responses had come, besides very negative ones. I have to mention our dear sister in the Lord Karen Kozman, who came to Russia several times before and taught at Women's Conferences. Her e-mail account was broken into and possibly it happened while she was at the Dorm in Snegiry. So it is possible that many missionaries who came to Russia through Calvary Chapel Church Planting Mission and stayed at the dorm could suffer from harassment.
The Big Brother, I guess
Last year on October 12th, something very terrifying happened to me, I could not understand what it was at first, so it took me several months to figure everything out, while I stayed at home not feeling very well. My whole body was shaking as I was laying in my bed and my tongue was moving as if some evil spirit entered my body or maybe from medical stand point it would look like an epileptic seizure. Being a Christian for many years now, I know that it is impossible for a Christian to be demon possessed, but at that point I was just unable to understand what was going on. After everything stopped, I tried to write in my journal as usual and here someone was trying to manipulate my prayers, which corresponded to my testimony on a blog I posted sometime ago, so that I would write it again. Repeating my commitment to remain single for the rest of my life, giving my desire to have a family of my own as a sacrifice.
Finally, when it was already dark the “voice from the ceiling” pronounced: “now you will have to marry Dean.....” the phrase in English continued and I just tried to pray out loud, not even being sure why this was going on, then I fainted completely as if someone was trying to suffocate me and my head was filled with noise. In a little while I woke up and tried to walk, then woke up on the floor though without any injuries or bruises as if someone had carefully put me on the floor. The next day I felt weak, but the Lord was speaking to me about His kingdom. And after that I was able to sing and praise Him.
On Friday the 15th I was able to go to the Bible Study, I was running very late, but when I came, I understood that something was not quite right with my friends. We usually have small fellowship at Julia's home and both Dean and Dale were present. Everything seemed fine, but for some unknown to me reason Diana was asking how was I feeling and if my head hurts. I was surprised, because I did not tell anyone anything not being sure what took place. Diana is an anesthesiologist and also my good friend, whom I shared with somethings the Lord was revealing to me, but she was lied to and when I tried to explain to her the situation with our church later in December, she did not receive.
That was the first time when I noticed that Dean looked very angry, though I understood this much later.
After I came home that evening somethings continued, but it was not as bad as before, though I almost fainted several times again. I stayed at home for 3 weeks trying to understand what is actually going on in my flat, in the mid November I came back to church, but Dean seemed very unhappy again, though while I was ill he kept contacting me trough sms and e-mail.
The more I listened to the noise (which reminds me the noise of TV monitors, high voltage electricity, very strong radio and wi-fi transmission, it can be both white and black, the best I can describe. Plus some very strong light, which hurts my eyes even while I am trying to sleep) in my room, the more evident it became that some technical means are used and proceed from the flats next to mine, upstairs and downstairs. I realized that I do not know who my neighbors are and the more I looked around, I understood that they change all the time, sometime just stay for a few hours and leave, then new people come, some with children. One night two men woke me up at 3 am by talking loud and then at 5am they've decided to go to sleep to another flat.
Some people, I've never even met before still hurting my health, stealing my voice by putting me on a leash (that is how it feels). I would like to record some songs that the Lord blessed me with during this time of trial on MP3 player I have at home, to share them with others, but so far it was not possible.
I know that some people lived in my building for many years, but some just moved in and out some flats stay empty, the same thing is going on around the whole city and the center looks almost like it is hunted. I've also noticed that traffic jams are a constant problem on our street, but then I realized that some cars just driving around in circles, like in “Truman Show” - great movie, I recommend it.
I am not really sure where to go with this since feeling like a “radio head” it is probably approved by the some authorities, they know that I've been translating for Dean, it is not a surprise for them.
Unfortunately, they do not or do not want to understand still that people in the church and citizens of different countries should be protected or maybe the problem is much bigger and only the Lord can take care of it by establishing His kingdom around the world, isn't it what many people had prayed for many centuries “Your kingdom come. Your will be done, On Earth as it is in Heaven.” Matthew 6:10
The thorn in the flesh and the Gift of God
For some reason Dean was often boasting that his last name Malispina means “bad thorn”.
Last summer, after CC missions conference in Austria, my sister and I went to Venice with the team from CC Modesto (Damian and Karin Kyle were sharing at the conference) and one person on the team whom Dean called his missions pastor, Matt Phillips, gave Dean a new nick name Malisputnick, I thought it was funny, at first. I bought a little white cross for Lynn to send it to her through the team, but later Dean forwarded me a message from Matt, where he just laughed at the gift and called Dean Malisputnick again. I know that wiki leaked a lot, even from my head, I even saw a billboard advertising Lenovo computers, which had an unfinished idea from my tweeter.
What can I say – our treasure is in Heaven, but also on Earth and it is not in material possessions, but in people, we have this treasure in earthen and glorified vessels.
Satan has asked for us to be sifted as wheat and sifting is good and our God also wants us to be cleansed, so ALL families on Earth may be blessed, it is by Grace that we are saved through faith, it is not by works lest any man should boast, it is a GIFT.
Each person created in the image of God is Loved by God, loved more than we can ever imagine and His Grace is Enough. In 2009, the Lord gave me a verse in regards to my family “My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. ” 2 Cor. 12:9 I believe, it can mean both for my church and my extended family, because, it is in my weakness and fears, I understand that God can do anything, the way I could not even imagine so that we may be “perfect and complete lacking nothing” James 1:4b
People, can live not even realizing that they live for the last of the flesh, last of the eyes and the pride of life, and call themselves Christians, who will open their eyes besides God, who will draw them, who will cleanse them, besides Him. Salvation is a Gift, but it is also a Miracle, I really want ALL to be saved and I believe He does too. It is impossible to have abundant life and His Kingdom on Earth, when people are still suffering from their own illness or from those who are ill near them, but only God can heal. In some cases He heals when person has faith and Jesus, says “I am willing, be cleansed”, but in some other He admires the faith of those who brought their friend for healing.
Lord, You can heal spiritual blindness and leprosy, please, do that, so all the families on Earth and in Heaven maybe blessed exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or think or even imagine.
Please, keep our fellowship in prayers.
Blessings, Natasha
p.s. In August of 2006 while attending Austrian Conference the Lord spoke to me from 2 Chronicles 20:15,17,21 (in the context of the passage 15-22):”And he said, “Listen, all you of Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem, and you, King Jehoshaphat! Thus says the Lord to you: Do not be afraid nor dismayed, for the battle is not yours, but God's...You will not need to fight in this battle. Position yourselves, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, Who is with you... Do not fear or be dismayed; tomorrow go out against them, for the Lord is with you...and he appointed those who should sing to the Lord and who should praise the beauty of His holiness...”
Last August, 2010 at the Missions Conference in Austria the Lord gave me a verse through Karin Kyle, it is in Exodus 14:13: “...Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today...”
Also, verses from Songs of Solomon 2:11-12a: “For lo, the winter is over and past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the Earth; the time of singing has come...”

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

please, pray

Today, i received an e-mail from Dean Malispina, who used to be our pastor and who is for some reason is still not ashamed of his behavior. It is hard to understand how he can be so bold and continue to call himself a  pastor.
Our church needs prayers and support to remove this man.
Please, pray for us. God bless you! Natasha

dateTue, Jan 11, 2011 at 1:21 PM

hide details 1:21 PM (1 hour ago)
Hi Natasha, hope you are doing ok. We are praying for you. I have a favor to ask you  can you please release the blog site so that people can acess it, that is the right thing to do , please I don't want to be telling people that it was disabled by you,people are going to ask questions. Just reset it please.I hope you are keeping in contact with your sister and Mom, and i hope you can meet with Julia some time. God bless you and keep you,d

Monday, January 10, 2011

Know Jesus, know truth ...we need help

Know the truth and the truth may set you free...if you believe it. Jesus is the TRUTH, but if you do not believe Him, He cannot set you free.
Being alone in this fight for your faith, for righteousness and for those who suffer is unbearable and almost impossible.
How is it that after being back in Russia for 11 years, after trying to serve the Lord faithfully for 7 years at the church where He called me to, now everything seems to be completely destroyed, just because of one person who chose to disobey his Creator, who decided to follow his own ways and who does not want God's Kingdom to come on the Earth. This one person who was ordained to be a pastor, did not shepherd the flock, but became a wolf for the sheep that where entrusted him for guidance and protection still does not repent and lies to others.
It is painful to understand that something could be done years earlier if people in my home church did not keep silent, but asked for help. It could happen in 2006, when the first public act of unrighteousness was committed, when this person who still calls himself a pastor, whose name is Melvin Dean Malispina, decided that he can disobey God's order in the church and can marry a couple that was never disciplined and counselled properly. He did not protect a single mother who already was hurt by a broken relationship, but let her and her family to be hurt even more by not telling them the truth of the Word of God, by not stopping her from becoming a wife of an unbeliever, but actually pushing her toward this marriage. Even though he knew the Bible and he was rebuked by the Lord through me before the last counseling session took place, still he chose to proceed and made the whole church to be a witness, he made others to participate in this. This became a snare to many believers who being young in their faith and understanding of the Bible followed the same path. Since then the church continues to suffer, it is hurt upon hurt, when both men's, women's, children's, worship and home ministries had been destroyed. Many lives where broken already, but now even more will be broken including mine, because for some unknown to me reason the church is not the church anymore, because people who ordained this person keep silent and do not want to do anything about this. I asked my brothers and sisters for help and prayer, but there is still dead silence.
The wolf still leads the sheep and eats them up, because fatherless, widows and elderly people cannot find protection. He uses the offering for his own benefit and not even ashamed to be called a wolf. Our African brothers and sisters under a threat of deportation right now. Our brothers and sisters from around the World might be under a threat of not being able to come to Russia again.
Our fellowship needs support and prayers and not silence and indecisiveness, because in reality it is not just one fellowship that is being destroyed, but the whole church in Russia and around the World. Righteousness cannot dwell with darkness. The time is running out for the people who suffered and are suffering right now, who need help, protection, encouragement and restoration.
It can very well be that this person's unrighteous acts are known outside the church, even to the Authorities and it can become a public disgrace and destruction for the God's movement that begun in the 60s and which is known as Calvary Chapel, but it will affect not only our church, it'll affect all Christian churches around the world, because it is impossible for people to come to church when they do not see an example of God's love and righteousness.
I do not know what to do, because I've already asked for help from people. I do not want our church to suffer anymore, I do not want other people to suffer, who do not know the Lord yet and for God's work to be destroyed because of one man, who does not want to do what is right and does not love God with all his mind, heart, strength and soul and love his neighbor as himself.
"Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, whatever a man sows, that he will reap. If he sows in his flesh, he will reap corruption, but if he sows in the spirit, of that he will reap everlasting life" Galatians 6:7-8
Lord, please, do not let Your work and Your people to be destroyed, please, establish Your kingdom. Only You can help Your people who cry out day and night for deliverance. Please, give wisdom to the authorities and to the government to do what is right and to ask You for help, because You have all WISDOM and POWER and You are LOVE. May Your perfect will be done on the Earth as it is in Heaven.
Please, pray for our church. God bless you!!! Natasha

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The information on this post maybe inaccurate
We recently received this letter from Lena a young lady living in the village. It has been our concern for the literally 10,000 of villages over the 10 time zones of Russia, that do not have any access to any evangelical influence. Through the Russian postal system people such as Lena can be built up in their faith, and can have access to solid biblical teaching.

To: Alexey( director of SFR)

Hi, My name is Lena, I am 28.I'd like to study the Bible of the New Testament. But it is not possible as I live in a village. There are no such books in our village library and impossible to buy them. Because of the times and the moral condition of my village, I have no one to ask for help. That is why I’m ask for help… Thank you very much in advance.

Amurskay oblastVoskresenovka 10/08/25

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The information on this post maybe inaccurate or a scam.
2Co 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.
Greetings from Moscow, we are experiencing what we call a “Ladies Summer” here in Moscow. You would know it as an “Indian Summer” the fall weather has just been beautiful…For all of you that have been following the journey of Spiritual Freedom Russia, we are still moving ahead. Even though the ministry has had to make adjustments because of finances, Bible courses are being received, courses are being corrected, letters are being answered and new believer packets are being sent. After 17 years the work continues to the often forgot group of society in Russian prisons. We are thankful to the small group of faithful supporters that have made the difference in the last 3 years of this ministry. The fact that SFM continues is testimony to the faithful prayer support of all of you who have a heart for this ministry. Recently a new DVD has been created by Alexy our director. It tells the story behind the office doors of Spiritual Freedom Russia and behind the walls of life in a Russian prison. The new DVD records some rare footage of the people SFR has the opportunity to reach out to. You can view this DVD at the SFR blog site. www.sfmrussia.org.
Prayer requests:
1.) Please continue to pray for Alexy our director, he has been through quite a trial over the last year as his wife Rita has had many different health issues.
2.) Pray that Alexy will have the wisdom need to lead the SFR team. God has gifted Alexy as a leader and we are thankful for his leadership.
3.) Pray for the staff as some of them have had to seek other employment. We know God is faithful and will provide for each one.
4.) Pray for the work of the Holy Spirit in the Russian Prison system and that the doors would remain open for Evangelical work in the prison.
5.) Please pray for the men and woman and teenagers that receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior then are released into society, that they will grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord and be a blessing to Russian society.

Thank you all so very much for your faithful prayer support of this work, if only you could come and visit us and see the faithfulness of the Lords work here. Thank you for your concern for men woman you may never meet this side of eternity. God bless you and the work the Lord has called you to. From all of us at SFR

Calvary Chapel Modesto Team+CC Sokol Moscow

Happy Birthday Moscow 863 years young!

Moscow's City Hall has scrapped two major events connected with Sept.

4 celebrations to mark the capital's 863rd anniversary today so that the funds could be diverted to help the victims of the recent wildfires. Still, more than 5,000 concerts, street shows and traditional Russian merrymaking with prizes and cakes will be held across the city.Military orchestras from nine countries will march in the central Red square at the opening of the Spasskaya Tower international festival of military bands.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Moscowvites suffer

Moscowvites suffer from 1,000 year record high temperatures , but not only that Moscow is surrounded by forest fires and underground peat fires which are nearly impossible to control. We have had 6 days of very high levels of smog. Most Moscowvites including myself are without air conditioning and a open window is our source of fresh air. However with the high levels of toxic smoke widows are kept closed. Please pray for the situation, it doesn’t seem to letting up much

Haiti has not been forgotten

The information on this post maybe inaccurate
Just wanted to let you know that Haiti has not been forgotten. It has been only 8 months since a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 mw earthquake rocked that country. Haiti is a country where the 29th chapter of the Book of Acts is still being written. Calvary Chapel's from all over the US have made a long term commitment to take the love of Christ to Haiti. This is a recent letter from some dear friends of mine Dave and Darlys Bird who the Lord put on their hearts to move to Haiti and be apart of the work the greater body of Christ is currently doing in Haiti. Please pray for the work that God is doing in that precious country.

Hi Prayer Warriors

The information on this post maybe inaccurate or a scam.

Hi Prayer Warriors,

Thank you for all your prayers and emails in regards to our Women's Events.

As an update, the Event Saturday night went so well. We had about 100 women

and God's spirit was there through pampering the ladies with massages,

worship, teaching and 1 on 1 prayer. I wish you could hear these woman

worship the Lord in song. They sing accapella and sing with their whole

hearts loudly and joyfully. It is truly humbling to serve among these Haitian women who love Jesus somuch and trust Him fully, even for their next meal that day.

Enjoy the photos. I'll send more updates after the other 2 Events.

Tonight is our second event at another church, and we are expecting another100 women.

As you pray for the Haitian women here in Haiti, here are 3 of the most difficult things in their lives right now:

1. The economic situation (especially after the earthquake,

unemployment rate is 90%).and we think it's bad in the States, huh?

2. Stress - Every woman has been impacted with stressful situations

since the earthquake (all of some of the following: loss of family, loss of

home and living in a tent, husband & children relationships, etc,))

3. Sick Children - Since the earthquake, their children are getting

sick more often

Thank you SO much for your prayers and love. Personally, for me, as we are

in the hottest and most humid time of year here, your prayers for enduranceand strength are so needed and felt.

Darlys Bird - Field Coordinator
Calvary Chapel Haiti Initiative
US 909.214.5686
Haiti 011. 509.3881.6098
Face Book - Calvary Chapel Haiti Initiative

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


ONE +ONE=ONE God's math.........Amen!

Ge 2:23-24 And Adam said: "This is now bone of my bones And flesh of my flesh; She shall be called Woman, Because she was taken out of Man."24 Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

What a beautiful expression God gave a man and a woman to show their love for one another by coming together and becoming one flesh in marriage. On July 3rd Artom and Nastya became husband and wife. It was really a beautiful wedding. They were blessed to have the ceremony at the Calvary Chapel dorm, which is located out in the beautiful village. The CC staff did an excellent job with the food and with the details that made it a special time for everyone. It was a great blessing for me as I had the opportunity to officiate the wedding service. I have known Artom for about 7 years and to be a part of Artom’s and Nastya’s wedding was huge blessing. Many of Artom’s and Nastya’s friends that attended are non believers. Many are fans of their band and have a great love for Artom and Nastya. Many for the first time hearing that it is God’s idea and not man’s for marriage. The worship band from Calvary Chapel Vladimir, (3 hours from Moscow) did an awesome job with the worship. Artom even wrote and sang a beautiful love song to his new bride! God Bless their union, amen!

Believer’s Baptism

Romans 6:1-6 What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?2 Certainly not! How shall we who died to sin live any longer in it?3 Or do you not know that as many of us as were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into His death?4 Therefore we were buried with Him through baptism into death, that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.5 For if we have been united together in the likeness of His death, certainly we also shall be in the likeness of His resurrection,6 knowing this that our old man was crucified with Him, that the body of sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves of sin.

Jesus gave His church a wonderful ordinance, Believer’s Baptism. He gave the believer the opportunity to participate in a physical act that would best symbolize what He did for us on the cross. For a believer not to experience water baptism is to miss the profound understanding of what Paul through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit was speaking in Romans 6. As baptism is a symbol of a funeral to the believers old nature that once was under the bondage of sin and that as Christ died, we likewise died in Him. In water baptism it is powerfully symbolized as the believer is lowered under the water and reckoned as dead. Then as Christ was raised from the dead, we also are made alive never to die again in Christ. As the believer is raised back out of the water and given a new opportunity to live it is a dramatic example of the great price that Jesus paid through His death, burial and resurrection, conquering death and the grave, so that we could live with Him forever.
Nastya and Nikita in obedience to Jesus Christ were baptized on Sunday, July the 19th. The place where there was water also happened to be the most popular place to be as Moscow has been experiencing a heat wave. There had to be literally 10,000 people going to the same small lakes where we were going too. But the Lord gave us a place where we could baptize them. It was all very special as Nastya wanted to be baptized before her upcoming wedding to Artom. Artom was able to baptize his bride to be. Nikita is a band member of Nastya and Artom. (see earlier blog on their band)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Roma's birthday! С день рождения!

Roma's birthday. Tall guy is Roma, the couple Mr. and Mrs Sokolnikov, left is Zalina, and right is Mark the Physicist. (Mark contemplating a quantum theory perhaps) С день рождения, Рома!!!!!

Emanuel's dream

Many of you may have known Emanuel’s mother Veronica who went on to be with the Lord several years ago. (read her story in an earlier blog) Emanuel was born in Moscow, and Moscow is all he has ever known. He has a brother who was born in Ghana where his parents were from, and Joseph now lives in Las Vegas. Theadora his older sister also was born in Moscow and lives with Emanuel. Emanuel is wanting to live with his brother (whom he has not seen in many years). Also Emanuel has a younger sister who went back to live with his Mom’s sister about seven years ago. Brother Joseph is wanting to bring the family back together in America.

It is a complicated situation to say the least. Even though Emanuel and Theodora were born in Moscow, they attended Russian schools their entire life, they are still not recognized as citizens of Russia. Emanuel is not a citizen of Ghana either even though both his parents where Ghanaian citizens. Please pray the family would be joined once again.

Photo on the left was taken on May 8 2003 with his sister Jovana who is living in Ghana with her auntie.

Photo on the right is a Recent photo.

The Ministry of Dr. Tom

Those of you who have followed the blog or have visited us, may know Dr. Tom. “ Tommy” as I call him, has been in Moscow many years. We have worked together 10 years. As he treats mostly homeless men and women, it has given us the opportunity to treat their spiritual needs. Through reaching out with medical care people will listen to what you have to say regarding their spiritual needs. Despite having a hip that needs to re replace Dr. Tom continues to provide Medical assistance and advice to a very forgotten people in Moscow society. In Many cases just cleaning a filthy wound so that infection doesn’t set in. Most street people need just very basic Medical attention. Recently the city of Moscow has established a “ Homeless Patrol” with men in vans look for those on the street that need help and can take them to a place where they can find shelter. Unfortunately most homeless get comfortable with that life style and prefer to stay on the street and suffer all its consequences. Each one has their own story and not one of them grew up dreaming to be an alcoholic living on the street.

The man in the picture with Tom is named Sergey, he kind of reminded me of Nebuchadnezzar when he was in the field for 7 years, long finger nails, and wild beard. We recently sat down to speak with him and to find out what his medical needs were. It was interesting that Sergey was so concerned with maintaining his health, and showed a genuine desire to do it, even though he was in such a filthy condition. We talked about Jesus Christ with him, and it was not easy for him to understand. Please pray for Sergey that he will come to the knowledge of the one who loves and gave His life for his.

Valentine’s story

Valentine’s story. We first met Valentine 7 years ago (see photo) he required medical attention due to a fall. At that time his home was the street. Over the next 3 years Dr. Tom and I maintained fellowship with him having many Bible studies together. We lost contact with Val until just over a year ago we found him once again in the street repeating the same lifestyle over again. It is amazing to me how much one person can endure. Valentine is still holding on and to that little bottle of liquid that gives him a few hours of numbness. Please pray that Valentine will finally come to the place of surrender. There have been so many times over the last 7 years that should have brought him to surrender, but he picks himself back up and continues on his way.

Picture of Valintine taken on June 10 2003 as Dr. Tom, treats him

Current picture of Val.

Refat's heading to America

Refat is heading to America for one year to attend Calvin College in Michigan. Refat was chosen as the recipient of a scholarship from the Russian American university here in Moscow. (an amazing University) I have known Refat and his sister for about 6 years. The family moved here from Uzbekistan where Refat was born. You can read about Refat’s testimony in an earlier blog.
I believe this is a great opportunity the Lord has provided for Refat. He is bright and the Lord has really opened up opportunity for him as I have watched him grow over the last 6 years. Please pray for Refat that his time in America will be a blessing and that Refat will be a blessing to others. I will be losing a roommate but I am excited that Refat has this generous opportunity.

Refat( left) pictured with his sister Elvera, and her husband Azim (pictures of the wedding in and earlier blog)